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CloudSoft Consultants is the next level in Salesforce strategy, design, customization, integration, and administration. Our experience and expertise harnesses and magnifies the raw power of Salesforce allowing you to achieve maximum ROI on your technology investment.

With over 50 years in combined Salesforce solutions experience in a multitude of industries, and a deep understanding in a variety of business processes, CloudSoft Consultants can deliver measurable business results. As problem solvers, we start by determining your business outcomes through design thinking, then apply frameworks, methodologies, and processes to achieve that outcome.

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The Ubiquitous World of Salesforce

And why it can help your business achieve more with it

What makes us better than the rest? Extrodinarily talented Salesforce experts that have a passion for exceeding perfection. Learn more on how we can help you with your Salesforce needs.

While there are many customer relationship management systems (CRM) in the market place today, simply stated, none come close to matching Saleforce's depth, adaptability, flexibility, scalability, and extendibility. Any perceived limitations of Salesforce can be overcome by a 3rd party tool, apps or custom development. As a software as a service product solution, Salesforce provides a highly flexible solution accessible from anywhere.

Salesforce is the largest cloud computing enterprise in America today, with a staggering market cap of over $50 billion. And, Salesforce is one of the oldest CRM software solutions in the market place, allowing the platform to mature. Salesforce is 100% customizable, and businesses have complete flexibility to build whatever is dreamed.

CloudSoft Offers Expert & Certified Salesforce.com Project-based or Experts-For-Hire Solutions At Cost Effective Hourly Rates, Leveraging Salesforce.com and Force.com Platforms.

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What Salesforce skills do we provide?

We have the solutions to guarantee bigger success stories

With trusted end-to-end Salesforce solutions, CloudSoft Consultants is the next level providing business consulting, business and process architecture, Salesforce integrations and design, and both front-end and back-end development.

Salesforce Business Consulting

Salesforce Business Consulting

Businesses today must maximize customer relations to remain competitive within the market place today. CloudSoft Consultants will help Clients navigate critical business and technology challenges by identifying primary business objectives and requirements, determine strategic and process KPIs, and provide a workflow path to implementation success.

Salesforce Technical Architecture

Salesforce Technical Architecture

While one the most important aspects of proper Salesforce implementation is architecting the project, often this critical step within the implementation process is many times overlooked. Salesforce architecture determines the over all technical design and the build of custom elements of a project.

Salesforce Integration & Design

Salesforce Integration & Design

By using 3rd party apps and tools coupled with Salesforce integration, your application can be tailored by CloudSoft Consultants to perform industry specific processes and functions easily. The extendibility of Salesforce calls for implementations that perform complex functions well beyond Salesforce's standard range.

Salesforce Front-End Development

Salesforce Front-End Development

While back-end Salesforce Apex programming development can be critical for advanced workflow development, CloudSoft Consultants front-end development with JavaScript on Visualforce pages and Visual Workflow can assist in overcoming Apex quirks. Much can be accomplished with button-click administration, record looping, creating, updating, and query.

Salesforce Back-end Development

Salesforce Back-end Development

With the customization and flexibility of Salesforce, businesses no long have to change to way they do business in order to adapt to the limitations of a CRM. Using tools such as Salesforce Apex triggers and Visual Force pages, our skilled developers can adapt Salesforce to fit your specific needs.

Mobilization & Marketing

Salesforce Mobile Applications

CloudSoft Consultants can help you extend your business operations through Salesforce's mobile platform, Salesforce1, allowing your customers and partners access to critical data. With App Cloud Mobile and Salesforce Mobile SDK, we can build app for your employees, customers, and partners with native Andriod, iOS and Windows.

Why CloudSoft Consultants for your Salesforce solutions?Why us for your Salesforce solutions?

Our standards for success are on Cloud 9

Even with demand for Salesforce consultant services at an all-time high, CloudSoft Consultants understands that clients have a variety of choices as to who they select for solutions. What differentiates us from our competitors is our Salesforce consultant team. We provide our clients with a combination of American expertise and experience in business architecture, and methodologies, while leveraging highly skilled back-end international resources for hands-on implementation providing client with a cost-effective technology solution.

The CloudSoft Consultants team brings deep experience and knowledge in a wide range of industries, and business models. This unique depth in skill, experience, and understanding translates into a strong comprehension of our client's needs, and the appropriate application of technology in providing complex business process solutions.

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